Animal  Resource  Facility

The NFGFHD occupies a 59,000 sq. ft. area, of which 25,000 sq. ft. is a dedicated barrier facility for maintaining SPF laboratory animals and animal experimentation (both mice and rat), while the remaining area (20,000 sq. ft.) is used as a service area. Currently, we have 53 clean rooms and 30 services/experimental rooms. 

Currently, we house > 50 rodent (mice and rat) strains. For more details on these and logistics to avail them, please email: 

The NFGFHD Facility at IISER Pune


Entrance to NFGFHD

Barrier Entry 

Clean Corridor.jpg

Clean Corridor

Individually Ventilated Cages

The Cage Changing Station 

IVC II.png

Necropsy Room