Bio-Imaging Facility 

The Whole Animal Imaging Facility is currently equipped with an IVIS Spectrum imaging system, a Quantum GX2 Micro-CT system, and a Victor NIVO multimode plate reader. 
This Bio-Imaging Facility aims to provide services associated with pre-clinical, non-invasive, in vivo imaging of experimental animals using bioluminescence and fluorescence with high resolution and specificity. In vivo imaging provides a better perspective for in depth understanding of disease progression, pharmacological assays, tumorigenicity and physiological animal studies over a larger time span.


This facility is available to interested users from outside IISER Pune, which includes research and/or academic institutes or industries. For enquiries related to this, please email: 


We also aim to conduct workshops and sessions at least once a year to provide training for the usage of these instruments and support for data analysis and interpretation.

In Vivo Imaging System (IVIS spectrum)


Quantum GX2 Micro-CT system

Victor NIVO Multimode Plate Reader