IAEC Project Proposal  Guidelines 

The NFGFHD is approved by CPCSEA (Registration Number 1496/GO/ReBi/S/11/CPCSEA), and all new animal related research proposals for IAEC clearance require the CPCSEA “Form B” as per rule 8(a). The IAEC meets at least two times per year to peruse these proposals and provide the necessary clearances for research activities related to animals.


Prior to IAEC meeting, a Principal Investigator (PI) should submit the documents required by the IAEC, at least three weeks prior to the proposed meeting date for consideration. Projects submitted after the deadline will be considered in the next meeting.

  • NEW PROJECTS – For new projects, please submit the Form B. 

  • RENEWAL PROJECTS – For ongoing projects reaching their “IAEC approved END date”; project renewal need to submit via “Form B” along with the yearly progress report.

  • AMENDMENTS IN THE PROJECTS – For minor modifications in the ongoing project, duly filled amendment form with proper justification needs to be submitted.

  • APPROVED/ONGOING PROJECTS – Upon IAEC approval, a IAEC Yearly Progress Report along with the corresponding approved Form B needs be submitted every year for yearly extension.

  • COMPLETED PROJECTS – For completed projects, please state the research proposal has been completed and no extension is required in the IAEC Yearly Progress Report.



IAEC Protocol Amendment Form

IAEC Yearly Progress Report

Animal Requisition Form

IAEC Research Presentation Formate