Fly Facility

The Drosophila Stock Centre and Media Facility (Fly facility) at IISER Pune has three major roles:

  1. Supply Drosophila growth media to IISER Pune users: The research groups of Prof. Shashidhara, Dr. Rikhy, Dr. Ratnaparkhi, Prof. Galande and Prof. Dey are supported by this facility. In 2020, ~1250 liters of media (1.5 Lakh vials and 20000 bottles) was generated and supplied to the constituent labs.                                                       

  2. Maintain >6000 Drosophila Stocks for research and teaching: The stocks are kept in duplicate copies in an 18 °C Stock room. The lines are also shared/supplied to researchers all over India upon request. Approximately 2000 lines were shipped to Colleges/Universities/Research Institutes all over India during the period of 2015 to 2020.                                                                                                                         

  3. Receive and redistribute transgenic and mutant stocks from Bloomington Drosophila Research facility (BDSC), Indiana, United States, to Drosophila labs in India: In the last 3 years, ~1000 lines were procured from BDSC for 38 non-IISER research groups and distributed to these laboratories as a service. 

Fly Stock 


Fly Maintainance